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My name is Jamie and I currently don't have a callsign (unless you can count that d**n guy in the bushes).

I am only a rookie, having only popped my airsoft cherry a while back but STOP your train of thought right there good sirs, I know what I'm doing by poking around a sniper forum. In my current experiences of airsoft I have naturally gravitated away from 'getting stuck in' and have found myself ambushing, hiding in bushes, harrying flanks (steady now) and being a general pain for the other team. Bearing this in mind, I'd just like to introduce myself and point out I probably won't post very often for one poignant reason; ' a wise man listens when he wants to be talking'.

I've been using a hire AK47 on semi-automatic, it feels like a G&G or CYMA rather than the cheaper Cybershot version, but does the job; as far as a high cap rattly AEG can be stealthy. Apart from airsoft, I'm a graduate in Chemistry hunting for a job, and I'm from Kent in the UK.

See you around the forums, or in fact, you won't see me ;)

EDIT: After a few more sessions, when I'm definitely sure this is what I want to pour my money away into, I will consider purchasing one of the 'sportline'assault rifles (just in case the patient hunt is not for me), one of the many, many L96 clones or the A&K SVD (something unhealthy is drawing me towards that d**n long).

In my casual searches across the internet for information I came across this article;

It started off fairly sensible, a lot of which I have seen mirrored in articles such as that by Firekitten and the like, then this golden nugget appeared and the whole tone shifted;

' It will help to play Modern Warfare 2 in Sec Ops to dissect the tactics. Play each level on hard to really get good.'

Oh dear.

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Stay in prone for the whole match unless compromised. While you are not shooting, keep your sniper rifle in a case so the enemy can't see your rifle barrel sticking out. Move 1 foot every 5-10 minutes to keep a low profile. It will help to play Modern Warfare 2 in Sec Ops to dissect the tactics. Play each level on hard to really get good.
??? ??? ??? ??? :-/ :-/

After I saw that quote in your post, I decided to skim through and see how in the world, the writer of the article linked, could tie MW2 in without making it sound stupid. He failed to do so....

Anyways, welcome aboard, very nice intro. Let us know if you need any help with anything.
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