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Polarstar G3A3 for sale

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Despots, vagabonds, people I don't know...

I for sales a rather limited piece,

-Original TM Metal body construction
-PolarStar Jack
-Quad Rail
-6.03 Prommy tightbore
-purple bucking
-updated FCU
-both v2 and v3 trigger boards
-Scope and fore grip grip included

Rifle has been used once. Maybe 100 rnds if that thru it. The pistol grip is my attempt at bastardizing a new M16 sniper grip and a G3 grip together. doesnt look pretty but has taken a full body hit so is definitely solid.

Asking is $600 plus shipping or ill meet in the OK state area.

Items fittted into rifle by Stampede Airsoft

thanks for the look!


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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