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poor colorado snipers

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I've just been informed that another one of us happy few, is not at all happy about the Draconian death grip ASCO has on colorado so if anyone is planning on moving here let me know and i will steer you to places that won't keep you from wearing a ghillie or make you only have a bolt action spring gun.
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hm thats a shame, colorado was high on my list of places to go if i end up leaving kalifornia... althouch their rules arent that much stricter than the firlds here... actually there are no sanctioned fields here with sniper or dmr classes. although i gotta say it... this is what happens when paintballers move to airsoft... (i skimmed their history page)
its what happens when people they to hard to regulate something, personally im in the air force. so I know what real steal equivalents can do, adding 50 fps to a DMR rifle is crap but then again I would rather not have a m4 shooting as far as my stock mk96. the fields here in San Diego are crap usually 400 to 425 for aeg then 475 for a sniper. Thats why my and my buds play on our own field, that we do regulate one guy has a mad bull crono that we use usually we do 500 for aegs and no limit on snipers 600 fps for dmrs(all test done with my own 20gs). I think some people take things way to seriously.
Whats up with the crappy grammar and punctuation lately? Mods, I thought we had rules here.
So why are the rules so strict? I mean why ban ghillies.
evilfish said:
So why are the rules so strict? I mean why ban ghillies.
My guess would be because people cannot always feel the hits when they get shot. I mean, it happens regardless if a person is wearing a ghillie or not, but I am guessing they think it happens more often with a ghillie then when wearing just regular bdus or something. I don't agree with it, but I see where they are coming from.
Come to ND .... we have very few rules

And hell I usually drink durring a game
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yeah i brought up the point that tactical vests cause the same issue and the post was locked
fuzzywolly said:
Whats up with the crappy grammar and punctuation lately? Mods, I thought we had rules here.
As Fuzzy mentioned, we do have spelling and grammar rules on this board. For the past few months, we've been pretty lax on those rules, but it is beginning to be a problem. So, from now on, I will be implementing a 100% crack down on these rules. If I catch any improper grammar or spelling, you'll be receiving a warning, no questions asked.

It's simple enough to hit the spell check button before submitting, or switch to a browser like Firefox or Safari that spell check automatically as you type.

In addition, there is a 'report to mod' feature at the bottom of everyone's post. Don't be afraid to use it if you need to.
Everyone, I'm from Colorado and participate in these games with ASCO (Airsoft Colorado). I thought the same thing when I first saw their rule set, but after playing with these guys a few times, it really isn't that bad. Obviously all their rules are their for safety, or convenience to the players. The ghillie ban is due to people getting heat exhaustion and dehydration, and not calling their hits while wearing ghillie suits.
So the Nanny state strikes again? Some idiot has heat exhaustion and dehydration, so we must all suffer. When our grandfathers shot bb guns at each other and some one would get hit in the eye, did we stop making/using bb guns? no we reenforced the safetyprotection and now require eye protection. If some one has a problem not hydrating with a ghillie; then make snipers carry x amount of water before they can wear a ghillie. Do not take the ghillie away from us all, you hippie. It is that type of mentality that lost me my supersized fries at mcdonalds. WE must all be punished I tell you. cause some one isnt responsable then none of us are right? just like when some kid brings an airsoft gun to school or waves it at police. Well airsoft is dangerous and must be stoped, because One kid did something stupid none of us can be trusted.

Sorry for the rant but I'm an american and like my freedom
tuxedopenguin said:
Sorry for the rant but I'm an american and like my freedom
That and you must like your ghillie alot too ;)

I feel the same way about this Tux. I'll consider myself lucky to be able to use one.
I live in Colorado. I go to the ASCO games and the affiliated ColoradoMilsim Operations. I am subject to these unfair, unjust rules that have been set. At the last OP I attended, Operation: Sudden Strike 4, I was the only one there wearing a ghillie suit, so I found it quite insulting when they banned them from the event midway through. I took it very personal and I still will not forget it. I had been working for months, attending weekly games, and trying to gain a good reputation around the community to strengthen my chances of being selected as one of the two persons for the position of Team Sniper. There was one sniper and one spotter for each of the two ~50 man platoons on the USFOR. These were the only players allowed in ghillies. I was selected, and I went out and prepared a ghillie suit for the environment I was to be playing in. On the second day at around 5PM on the second day(saturday) the ghillies suits were banned because players complained I was not calling my hits due to the suit. After these complaints began raining down on me that morning, the head of CO Milsim came, and unknown to me at the time, observed me for around 30 minutes. People were complaining they hit me, he said they never really got close, except for when my hide was over run. I called myself out. He still said that the majority ruled, and I had to take it off. I even asked around some of the OPFOR players, they said that their team mates even said that they where just very angry they couldn't find me. This sort of occurrence is not unheard of, it happens way too frequent at ASCO, and it needs to be stopped. I've seen kids get abused for being a sniper, I've seen veteran adults laughed at for being a sniper. I've been made fun of. I think a bigger issue is when you take a shot at a guy 250+ ft. out, the shot nails him in the neck, you watch him flinch greatly, then he just takes cover again, and never calls that hit. I've done tests myself, I can feel a hit through a ghillie suit just as well as through plain BDU's or a tactical vest. Sorry for the rant on ASCO, I just really have a bone to pick with them.
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I to was chastised by ASCO so much so that I was forced to leave the sniper role when I first started. (keep in mind that I had just started and that I didn't have a good gun at the time but if I had continued on that path I would have a fantastic gun) I was chased from the sniper role because of people making fun of me and not allowing me to just function as a sniper should. I have recently gotten back into sniping and have started making my ghillie and its not even a full body suit nore is it super thick, I made it as just a platform to put veg in. It makes me very sad that I cant use this now as I have worked very very hard on it.

I guess the only thing to do is try to show them that SoldierofValor and I can be effective without ghillies.

Edit: I just sent a PM to the leader of ASCO to see what he says and the reasons for banning ghillies. I will post here when I find out what he says. Hopefully he will change his mind.
TuxedoPenguin and I have both tried making valid arguements as to why there is the bullshit no ghillie rule. They keep giving the same answer of it being to thick to feel your hits through. When I ask about how you can't feel any BB's hit with vests, other random tactical bullshit, or winter clothing, they then say it's a safety issue... Apparently everyone is just so damn good at hiding in a ghillie, in the event of them passing out from heat or exhausting they apparently will never be found....

That's basically the reply you will get, or some bullshit along those lines.
In the Heat exhaustion case I will say I carry a camel bak and 4 canteens of water (in large events that is what I carry and usually when I am walking off the field I am drinking the last of it). Also on the news the other day I saw these pads that you put on your wrists and it changes colors when you are in danger of heat exhaustion and I have been meaning to get some for me and my friends.

To me I have never been danger of getting heat exhaustion because I drink so much water (therefor I see that it isn't a danger to me). I realize it is still a threat but I'm not afraid of it at all.

And the problem I see mainly with the sniper rules is the DMR rule of only 450fps with .20s.

I still haven't received anything but we will see.
The bolt only for snipers and no semi auto only to was bullshit.

In fact... 3/4ths of Colorados rules are bullshit.
Some of them are nice and keep everything in line but they try to control us so much its insane. Airsoft is supposed to be fun and they are trying to control us into running and gunning with a 1000 RPM M4 with an M203 on it and Im really getting sick of it.
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