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My name is James, you can call me Blackfoot1.

I live in Northern Ireland and love all things bolt action.
I have no military experience but I am a member of a target rifle club that allows me to get my hands on some interesting firearms from time to time.
I've been into airsoft for nearly twenty years but very rarely go to a skirmish site.
I currently own-
KJW M700
A&K SVD (with real steel psop)
Sun Project M40XB
TM Gspec
L96 Clone (?)
CA M15A4
Tanaka G33/40
APS2 Clone (?)
WE 1911
and my first bolt action airsoft gun... The mighty Super 9!

I have a DIY crawl suit and a ghillie I made from one of those store bought kits you see on ebay. The ghillie kit took about two weeks to make, the crawl suit about eight hours.

As I don't play too often I'm really only here to suck up all the technical advice you guys are handing out.
I like what I've seen so far, It's a great site.

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Welcome to the forums, and great first post. For a new member you followed all the rules right from the start, unlike some people that shall not be named :)

Good post, and quite a collection you have there. Have you put any upgrades into any of your rifles?


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The only one upgraded at the minute is the KJWorks, In fact I just fitted everything on Sunday (22/08/10). I replaced the usual bits and pieces - striker spring, hop rubber, tightbore etc...
I still have various problems to iron out ie. gas blasting out due to the "elbow thing" holding the valve open in the mag, the G&G cocking piece not fitting correctly, the inner barrel being a little bent.
Basically all the normal cock ups you make the first time you try to "fix" a gun that wasn't broken.
I'll write all about it in the appropriate place, when I find it.

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Like Fuzzy said... Welcome and thanks for doing it the right way.. So +1 from me

You have a nice arsenalat the moment, it is really a shame that you don't get out and play as much as you would like.
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