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Base: Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU

Guarder Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring for MAURI 1911-A1
NINE BALL Hammer Spring for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1/4.3/M1911A1

Guarder TRP Aluminum Slide & Frame
Guarder TM MEU Steel Magazine Release
Shooter Design Silver Outer Barrel
Guarder Steel Grip Safety
Guarder Steel Spring Guide & Cap
Guarder Steel Bushing
NOVA Type 2 Slide Stop
Guarder Steel Ambidextrious Safety
DYTAC Ready Fighter Operators II Pistol Grip w/ SLEX Screw

Definitely my favorite pistol. Excellent tack driver.

Base: Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3

Airsoft Surgeon Extreme Light Weight Blow Back Housing
Guarder Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring for MARUI HI-CAPA 4.3 ( 150% )
PDI Desert Warrior Spring Guide
PDI 6.01 Hi-Capa 4.3 Inner Barrel
PDI Hi-Capa 4.3 Spring Guide Plug

NOVAType-3 Ambi Safety
NOVA SV Style Grip Safety
NOVA Type-1 (Serrated) Magazine Catch
NOVA LAV Style Housing Magwell
Shooters Design Lower Frame
Guarder 2 Tone 4.3 Springfield Slide
NOVA SFA Delta Style Hammer
NOVA Type-1 Trigger
Springfield Armory Cocobolo Checkered Grip Set
NOVA Type 2 Slide Stop
Shooters Design 4.3 Inch Steel Outer Barrel for Marui 4.3
Shooters Design Silver SA .45 Chamber

This is a fun shooter, being a slightly shorter pistol, regrettably, I haven't fielded it yet as I don't have a holster for it.

Base: Tokyo Marui P226 E2

ACTION Aluminum Recoil Spring Set
Nine Ball Hammer Spring
ACTION Replacement Spring Set
PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel for TM P226 (96.9mm)

Guarder E2 Magazine Release Button
Guarder Steel Slide Catch Lever
Guarder Steel Slide Decocking Lever
Pro-Win P226R Aluminum Kit for Marui P226 E2
Shooters Design Take Down Lever
Guarder P226 Trigger (Early Type)
Guarder P226 Hammer
Sig Sauer P226 Grips
Action Grip Screws for Marui P226

Lately I've found myself using the Sig for games due to it's gas capacity compared to the 1911. Not quite as nice or fun shooter as the 1911's, but it gets the job done.

I don't field the KWA Mk23 much as the holster I have tends to "drop" the mags, but I have to own one of these, being a Metal Gear Solid fan. It has a King Arms foam filled suppressor, and a TM LAM which I retrofitted a Surfire P91 lamp and a laser diode.
1 - 1 of 947 Posts
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