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Just got this in, pretty fun to shoot but already have it posted for sale on a couple places!

Mine had a nonfunctional hopup(unrepairable)
Barrel bushing broke in a mag
Unrepairable valves
Hammer stuck to the slide(almost removed the external hammer just to make it work)
Then the slide removed itself striking a player in the chest.

Good luck to you.

Now I have been building this for a while now and just need a light and a LBH.
Hk3p g17 slide
Ratech 91mm inner
Modify tan
New style hopup unit(not I key compatible!)
Dyna piston head
Guarder threaded outer barrel(needs sanding to cycle correctly)
I want a steel fcg set but ratech sucks anymore and I'm not sanding guarder tm stuff to fit the we/SC/HK/TW

I do need a new recoil spring as its kind of weak.
I want a tlr hl.
I do want to get the guarder trigger safety for giggles
1 - 4 of 947 Posts
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