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Post Pics of your Sidearm!

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This thread is for all you snipers to post some pics of your sidearm, whether current, in the past, or soon to be a part of your loadout.

So let's fill this thread up with some sidearms!

I shall start:

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Just got this in, pretty fun to shoot but already have it posted for sale on a couple places!

Mine had a nonfunctional hopup(unrepairable)
Barrel bushing broke in a mag
Unrepairable valves
Hammer stuck to the slide(almost removed the external hammer just to make it work)
Then the slide removed itself striking a player in the chest.

Good luck to you.

Now I have been building this for a while now and just need a light and a LBH.
Hk3p g17 slide
Ratech 91mm inner
Modify tan
New style hopup unit(not I key compatible!)
Dyna piston head
Guarder threaded outer barrel(needs sanding to cycle correctly)
I want a steel fcg set but ratech sucks anymore and I'm not sanding guarder tm stuff to fit the we/SC/HK/TW

I do need a new recoil spring as its kind of weak.
I want a tlr hl.
I do want to get the guarder trigger safety for giggles
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I'd say this second hicapa of mine is more of a primary, but it's still a pistol right? The lower unfortunately doesn't exactly match the cuts of the upper but I like it anyways. Now my 5.1 Gold Match can be a secondary to my secondary :tup:

Build List:
  • Hicapa 4.3 stainless
  • Nineball 6.00 6" Barrel
  • Maple Leaf 70 degree bucking
  • Maple leaf I-Key
  • A.M. steel hop up arm
  • A.M Infinity IMM Open Slide
  • G&G scope mount
  • UAC blowback housing
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Here is my nearly finished hi capa. My own personal interpretation of an STI build. By chance can anyone link me to a Hi capa I key? I have a G series one and cant seem to get it to fit properly.


TM hi capa 5.1
SD sti executive slide and 150% recoil spring
hot shot magwell
AM STI lower with trades
AM Hop up unit
AM STi mag realase silver
Firefly guid rod
AIP steel disconnector
UAC aluminium loading nozzle
UAC steel barrel in .45acp
UAC front fiber sight
UAC leaf spring
TK twist barrel
ML decepticon 60 bucking
ML I key (seem to have gotten a G series one by accident)
ML metal hop wheel
SA sti hammer
SA Steel slide stop
Creation grip saftey
Nova wilson grip saftey
warbear protector plate
5ku trigger
Custom stippled grip


x3 TM shells with UAC valves and gaskets and STI mag bases
X1 TM stock 50 round mag with laylax mag bases FDE


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Latest build

Gunsmith bros kit on TM Hi Capa.
Love this kit and this grip looks great on it.

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I've had an AEP MP7 before in the past but never was satisfied with its performance. Then the tappet plate broke and I sold it after fixing it.

This will be an "AEP MP7 revisited" project, I'm gonna trick it out to get as much punch from the AEP gearbox as possible. It's got an R-hop in it which extends the range to a maximum of 40 meters using only 220 fps, but I have to lob them in so 30 meters is more accurate. Enough for the MED but I want more power, so I'm planning a variety of upgrades to boost the fps a little. Along with a tightbore barrel I'm hoping for 260-270 fps and an effective range of 40 meters, should be doable. If I manage to get more then that's a bonus :hehe:
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Base: Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU

Guarder Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring for MAURI 1911-A1
NINE BALL Hammer Spring for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1/4.3/M1911A1

Guarder TRP Aluminum Slide & Frame
Guarder TM MEU Steel Magazine Release
Shooter Design Silver Outer Barrel
Guarder Steel Grip Safety
Guarder Steel Spring Guide & Cap
Guarder Steel Bushing
NOVA Type 2 Slide Stop
Guarder Steel Ambidextrious Safety
DYTAC Ready Fighter Operators II Pistol Grip w/ SLEX Screw

Definitely my favorite pistol. Excellent tack driver.

Base: Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3

Airsoft Surgeon Extreme Light Weight Blow Back Housing
Guarder Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring for MARUI HI-CAPA 4.3 ( 150% )
PDI Desert Warrior Spring Guide
PDI 6.01 Hi-Capa 4.3 Inner Barrel
PDI Hi-Capa 4.3 Spring Guide Plug

NOVAType-3 Ambi Safety
NOVA SV Style Grip Safety
NOVA Type-1 (Serrated) Magazine Catch
NOVA LAV Style Housing Magwell
Shooters Design Lower Frame
Guarder 2 Tone 4.3 Springfield Slide
NOVA SFA Delta Style Hammer
NOVA Type-1 Trigger
Springfield Armory Cocobolo Checkered Grip Set
NOVA Type 2 Slide Stop
Shooters Design 4.3 Inch Steel Outer Barrel for Marui 4.3
Shooters Design Silver SA .45 Chamber

This is a fun shooter, being a slightly shorter pistol, regrettably, I haven't fielded it yet as I don't have a holster for it.

Base: Tokyo Marui P226 E2

ACTION Aluminum Recoil Spring Set
Nine Ball Hammer Spring
ACTION Replacement Spring Set
PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel for TM P226 (96.9mm)

Guarder E2 Magazine Release Button
Guarder Steel Slide Catch Lever
Guarder Steel Slide Decocking Lever
Pro-Win P226R Aluminum Kit for Marui P226 E2
Shooters Design Take Down Lever
Guarder P226 Trigger (Early Type)
Guarder P226 Hammer
Sig Sauer P226 Grips
Action Grip Screws for Marui P226

Lately I've found myself using the Sig for games due to it's gas capacity compared to the 1911. Not quite as nice or fun shooter as the 1911's, but it gets the job done.

I don't field the KWA Mk23 much as the holster I have tends to "drop" the mags, but I have to own one of these, being a Metal Gear Solid fan. It has a King Arms foam filled suppressor, and a TM LAM which I retrofitted a Surfire P91 lamp and a laser diode.
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Whalesmash, how did I miss that post of yours? Those hicapas look awesome! (Bit of a late reaction :doh:)

Anyway, here's the latest addition to my collection... Wolf, my love for these 1911's is entirely your fault :hehe:

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The brass 1911 collection
Prime/WA Springfield V12 Face Off
Prime/WA Colt Gold Cup National Match.
Airsoft Surgeon Springfield V12 Face Off

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These are not for the field!

The grips on the Colt are Katana style grips! Not the most comfortable grips!

Working on my mp7, it's getting a complete overhaul.

I am planning to install a brushless motor in it. Unfortunately, the motor that I ordered has a shaft too short. I knew that and I intend to replace it, but the motor is impossible to open up. Also, the inner shaft diameter is smaller so I can't swap it out with the stock one either which I was hoping would be possible. I'll probably make a new shaft myself once I manage to open it up. But for now I put the stock brushed motor in it again.

So instead of controlling it with an ESC, I can just use a mosfet. I didn't have a suitable mosfet lying around but I found a strip of super beefy power FETs that could do 500 V and 180 A. Quite overkill, but oh well :hehe:

Since this was just a breadboard setup, I rebuilt the whole assembly to something more compact:

This goes into the battery compartment, I'm using an external battery with it now. I've currently configured it to do semi/burst with 5 rd bursts. The rof is 25 so it's quite powerful :hehe:

Next up... making a new motor shaft and switching to a brushless setup :yup:
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My TM hi-capa 5.1. All stock exept for a PDI barrel, maple leaf bucking and Ikey, and UAC mag gas route seals on all my mags.
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Tokyo Marui Mp7 Aep

Everything stock so far and is probably stay that way.

Battery have been switched to a lipo 7.4 520mah and fits inside the normal battery area. Superb response and accuracy :D

Now I just want my Novritsch SSG24 ;)

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The brass 1911 collection ... Minus the chrome plated Commemorative Colt which is waiting some parts.

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