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Post up your loadout!!

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I know, not another "post up your......." I searched back a couple of pages and didn't see one. So I thought I would start one.

Here's mine.

E1 M28: 300% spring (cut to fit)
50% upgrade piston (grinded to fit)
Angel Custom sear (grinded to fit)
Tight bore and bucking (on the way)
3 mags

KWA MK23: Stock
3 mags

Gear: Condor utility leg rig
Condor leg holster
Puxing P888 VHF radio
Speedloader with .20 (for the MK23)
Speedloader with .36 (for the M28)
2 Thunder B's (filled with BB's and babypowder)
Hand made ghillie
ESS turbo fan goggles

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Not that that isn't a cool loadout but I am pretty sure we have one of these threads.
inthetallgrass said:
Not that that isn't a cool loadout but I am pretty sure we have one of these threads.
I believe we do, but isn't it in the general board area? I don't think there are any that were serious about pictures, more so filled with text displaying what everyone carries and such. As in, no thread had enough pics to be gallery worthy, more so general information for everyone to read up on.

I say keep it, maybe we can get one thread with everything we need in it. Although I will browse through the general board and reexamine to see if we can merge some things.

With that said, love the loadout dude! Any chance we can get a pic with everything loaded up on ya?

^ for reference and giant walls of text.

So lets keep this thread, writing up what you have is fine, but must have pics to go with it. Its a gallery thread after all.

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Thanks guy's! Yeah definitely fussy. I'm playing this Sunday, and I'll take pre-game shot.
Nice loadouts guys.

Seeing your bunny makes me want to tear...My best friends bunny was just found after a coyote got to it.
Well my setup isn't complete I will post when done though, need some extra income to spend for airsoft (only a teen so not very good income). Btw nice tactical rabbit fuzzy.
Please dont necro post. This thread is almost 2 years old!!
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