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I have been browsing the internet lately looking for various gallery threads filled with pics of persons bolt action rifles. Most forums seem to have one, but for some reason ours does not... :-[

So let's make one giant thread where we can show off our bolt actions, from past or present, and make it one hell of a glorious thread.

I'll start...


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Oh man ..... all of the bolt actions I have had......


UTG M324
Bar 10 - about a dozen or more

UTG MK96 - five or six of those
Ares WA2000 <--- kind of a bolt action but not

Echo1 M28 - twice
TM L96
CA M24, both military and civilian
Echo1 ASR

I am sure there are more, but I can't seem to remember them. But yes... my name is Woogie, and I am a bolt action-a-holic.

Pics to come.

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Loving the L96 Headshot! With an L115/118 stock (mb08) and a harris underneath you would look such a don with that rifle in your hands! :)
In fact, i bet you look a don with both them guns, good work man, loving them!


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joe90 said:
that said sniping kills are 100000000000 times more satisfying.
If the AEG wealding geardo's take it that is ::).......



Filler work that I did to standard TM stock

Gspec, 350 fps/.2, Spec sheet.....

Laylax 45 degree piston (with airbrake) and sears/stop
Cut laylax 150 spring
Stock plastic spring guide (at the moment ;) )
Stock cylinder (volume reduced to match barrel)
Stock cylinder head includes home designed rubber damping buffer (home machined porting, head to cylinder thread strengthend using 3x grub screws)
340mm x 3.05 barrel + home made barrel spacer (cylinder/barrel volume balanced and matched)
Stock hop chamber (lengthened by 1mm to stop cylinder free float) with long flat hop nub (Home made), nubless rubber ( modded stock TM) and centre adjuster over solid arm (home made)
Fully functioning suppressor (cuz I can )

My other Gspec, currently in bits ready for a full rebuild, not sure on what finished spec will be yet as I'm using the 1 above to test out some stuff first, but most obvious mod is its in a CA M24 stock

And now for my old ones, no longer in one piece or sold on.....

Gspec in a warrior L96 stock

CA M24 CQB :-/

An old Well I picked up cheap fired twice and then gave away to some FNG

CA M24 in a homemade stock, see folks, I had 1 of those ASR things about 6/7 years ago ::).....

My ASR 'lookylikey' next to...... my very first VSR...... next to 'old faithful' and she's still going strong though in a different guise

Another homemade stock that held my M24 for a fair while

Thats about it I think.... atleast its all I can find at the mo, If I find any more I'll post 'em up..... makes me realise just how long I've been playing with long'uns and little white balls :-/
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