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PPS steel cylinder set

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Has anyone tried this cylinder set?, or the cylinder alone?, looks well done and it's very cheap
PPS Cylinder Upgrade Kit Stainless Steel CNC Machined for VSR10


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I have an older version of this with a brass cylinder head. Well made and quite tough.
Two problems
1) The spring creaks while you cock the rifle. Replace it with a rapax.
2) It is for a 45 degree trigger (has a 45 degree piston) which means that the bolt pull and return will be tough.
I used to own a cylinder like that, and it was okay, but it was fatter in some spots than others, so it had a rough pull.

I would recommend the Novritsch cylinder parts, and whatever 90° trigger you desire as they are quite tough.
Alternatively, you could go with AirsoftPro, but it will cost about the same amount and be almost exactly as good as Novritsch.

But still, I paid $17USD for mine (no internals, just cylinder and head) which was a hard deal to beat, and it's in a friend's gun these days and is in great condition last I checked.
I believe mine had a smaller diameter btw, MB-03 spec.
And the rear 45 degree part of the piston, (I don't know how it's call) can be replaced by a 90 degree one?
I don't think it can, but you could probably machine or file it.
Being aluminum, it won't last as long as a steel one, but it should last long enough.
And the rear 45 degree part of the piston, (I don't know how it's call) can be replaced by a 90 degree one?
I think you can modify it when have machine, just it don't last long.... Find piston have end shaft steel will much longer life ( MAG brand is good but seem they discountinued it everywhere )
Well, it appears that the end shaft has two holes and I think it could be unscrewed.
Btw about the 90 degree piston, I saw an ACTION piston, not the action army!, and it looks well made and also is very cheap
Cool, hear they are good, but hard to find where I live.
I'd say that they are probably about as good as an AA, give or take a tiny bit.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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