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PrimusPilus intro post

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Name: Stephen

Callsign: PrimusPilus

Experience : I've been playing airsoft for about two months, but I've had my AEG for over a year (just now found some people to play with). When I was young and stupid, we just shot each other using BB guns. I have no military experience, although my Dad served in Vietnam with the 1st Infantry Division, and his brother served with the 5th Special Forces Group. My Dad taught me how to shoot (he earned an expert marksman badge), and the greatest compliment he ever paid me was when he told me he didn't want me shooting at him.

I currently have a VFC SCAR-L CQC with a barrel extension. I'm considering buying an AEG to build into a DMR, or a bolt action.

Currently just using MARPAT.

Located in Virginia.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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