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I am here to find if I am missing anything important(other than R-hop, good barrel, perfect airseal, good cylinder/barrel volume ratio...etc.) in my quest to maximize accuracy of RealSword SVD.

Also to talk about Operation EastWind which I attend to anyone who may be interested.

I know Wolfgeorge is also on arnies. I recently got banned on arnies for having opinion different from their "hsld 1337 st6 tf141 greenberet delta specops" mentality in approch to airsoft replica. :(

I am from People's Republic of China; currently in U.S. to participate in Operation EastWind.
Have been playing airsoft for many years; own mostly good EastBloc weaponry such as VFC AKs-74/Aks-74n(I like them so much, external wise, that I bought two; one with and one without scope mount) and RealSword SVD + QBZ-97. I do my own upgrade to airsoft gun and have been able to learn much from, best place to find technical advice).
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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