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Problem with nozzle/tappet plate

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Hi guys! I have a problem with my nozzle in my g3 (ver2 gb) I had my piston break some time ago, and I got a replacement piston, and now the nozzle stays back, and when shooting it goes forward, I have tried to put bbs into hop up, and it didn't shoot them when I holded them in with finger, when I took my finger off they just flew out at around 40m/s. :S
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Check your tappet spring, it may have come off or snapped.

Make sure your tappet plate is seated in the nozzle groove.

Make sure the tappet plate moves freely when your GB is together, easiest way to do this is take everything out, then just re install the plate and screw the shell halves together, then check it moves without sticking and for its full range of movement.

Make sure your nozzle is running striaght and isn't fouling on the hop unit sides, this happenes when the cylinder head isnt seated straight in the cylinder.... worth checking if you've had a piston melt down.

Also, try fitting a sector chip, never a bad idea for any AEG as it makes sure the tappet plate uses its maximum travel and helps feeding regardless of the speed your firing at

Tiz all I can think of right now but I'm sure theres more :yup:
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I havent assembled the gun after the problem came along, when I assemble the gb, nozzle is at forward position, but after shooting it stays back, and goes front when piston is back. :s tappet plate spring is fine, I also have a sector clip.
Have you fitted the sector chip the right way around? on some of the shaped ones it will leave the nozzle slightly open when the gun fires, and then close as the piston is returning to fire, if its fitted backwards, this causes mahoosive fps lose.
I just assembled my gun, and it's working fine, I found out that my aoe made it so that sector gear was in position where it catches the tappet plate.
The gun shoots fine, expect that it shoots when my fire selector is almost set on auto. Not a big issue, but a it's PITA.
Thanks anyway!
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