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Problem with VSR Clone

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Hello everyone, I've been into airsoft for a couple of years now and the gun i've been using is a CA M15 SPC. For years I've considered joining the USMC and decided I'd like to become a sniper. With this profession i've chosen, I decided to buy myself an airsoft sniper just to get used to the general idea of sniping. Seeing how I already have a perfectly fine AEG I decided to go the cheaper route and I grabbed a JG Bar 10 which was reccomended for the price and functionality. (Sorry for the introduction but figured because I'm new here i'd introduce myself.) - So my main problem is...with my gun I also ordered a tightbore barrel and a new spring...without knowing much about bolt action airsoft guns I decided to try and take apart the gun and put the upgrades in myself...bad mistake for me. In the process I ended up forgetting to put the hop up lever back in, not getting my upgrades in, and stripping the main screw and leaving a couple of smaller screws out all together with no idea where they go make things worse I tightened the front swivel screw too tight which stripped the threads inside and now the bipod I put on just slides off. So pretty much brand new gun Is all messed up and I'd love it if someone responded with some insight on how to put in a new barrel and spring and how to put it back together =D Any help would be greatly appreciated...thank you.
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I found a cite showing how to score points on the physical fitness test and how many points you need to score for the Marines, If anybody found any information saying else wise, please share with everyone
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