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Problem with VSR Clone

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Hello everyone, I've been into airsoft for a couple of years now and the gun i've been using is a CA M15 SPC. For years I've considered joining the USMC and decided I'd like to become a sniper. With this profession i've chosen, I decided to buy myself an airsoft sniper just to get used to the general idea of sniping. Seeing how I already have a perfectly fine AEG I decided to go the cheaper route and I grabbed a JG Bar 10 which was reccomended for the price and functionality. (Sorry for the introduction but figured because I'm new here i'd introduce myself.) - So my main problem is...with my gun I also ordered a tightbore barrel and a new spring...without knowing much about bolt action airsoft guns I decided to try and take apart the gun and put the upgrades in myself...bad mistake for me. In the process I ended up forgetting to put the hop up lever back in, not getting my upgrades in, and stripping the main screw and leaving a couple of smaller screws out all together with no idea where they go make things worse I tightened the front swivel screw too tight which stripped the threads inside and now the bipod I put on just slides off. So pretty much brand new gun Is all messed up and I'd love it if someone responded with some insight on how to put in a new barrel and spring and how to put it back together =D Any help would be greatly appreciated...thank you.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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