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Problem with VSR Clone

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Hello everyone, I've been into airsoft for a couple of years now and the gun i've been using is a CA M15 SPC. For years I've considered joining the USMC and decided I'd like to become a sniper. With this profession i've chosen, I decided to buy myself an airsoft sniper just to get used to the general idea of sniping. Seeing how I already have a perfectly fine AEG I decided to go the cheaper route and I grabbed a JG Bar 10 which was reccomended for the price and functionality. (Sorry for the introduction but figured because I'm new here i'd introduce myself.) - So my main problem is...with my gun I also ordered a tightbore barrel and a new spring...without knowing much about bolt action airsoft guns I decided to try and take apart the gun and put the upgrades in myself...bad mistake for me. In the process I ended up forgetting to put the hop up lever back in, not getting my upgrades in, and stripping the main screw and leaving a couple of smaller screws out all together with no idea where they go make things worse I tightened the front swivel screw too tight which stripped the threads inside and now the bipod I put on just slides off. So pretty much brand new gun Is all messed up and I'd love it if someone responded with some insight on how to put in a new barrel and spring and how to put it back together =D Any help would be greatly appreciated...thank you.
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Welcome to the boards mate, I see that you have a semi-decent grammar level. But just try to sound as professional as possible. As far as you choosing the United States Marine Corps in hopes to be a sniper just know that the physical requirement to become one is one of the hardest physically demanding spots to join, also I think you need to have a little rank before you can join (E4 or something.. I'm probably wrong on this information).

Anyways, just don't go in with the mentality of "I'm going to be a sniper" because I had that mentality about the Marine Corps for a while, and after talking to a few (Phridum is one, send him a PM) as well as looking at the PST (Physical Screening Test) requirements I could tell you that it's nearly impossible to reach the standards without vigorous training. I don't know the specifics on all (I'm sure Wikipedia could tell you better than I) however I can tell you that it's just about double what the Navy SEAL's require for your PST.

Anyways, on topic to your JG Bar. Those things are garbage, if you want to experience the sniper role build yourself a VSR-10 (Tokyo Marui G-Spec) and put the M40A3 stock on it. That's about the closest you'll get to an actual USMC Scout/Sniper rifle.

With that being said, this topic is moved to the Clone Section.
Except, don't get the M40A3 stock if you live in Michigan, or I'll kick you in the ass. ;)

But as Mosin stated, if you're wanting to see what the military is going to be like, don't play airsoft to experience it. Grab yourself a nice rifle and head out to the range, talk to some real deal guys, and ask them questions about the job. Maybe read up on it, there's a good book out there called HOGs in the Shadows it's a very good read, and gives you a lot of good info about being a Sniper in the Marine Corps.

As for your rifle, I really can't give your any help on that, as it sounds as if it's completely FUBAR.
I would advise getting all PSS10 Laylax parts, all listed below.

The Zero Trigger isn't a necessity, although you will still need to upgrade the trigger sears, such as the trigger sear, piston sear, and cylinder stopper.

Although with the upgraded sears you will notice that the bolt pull won't be as smooth, especially when you return the bolt into the receiver.

Here is a parts list I have made up, this is what I would go by if you want to bring your USR up to par.

PSS10 Zero Trigger w/Neo Piston-$153

PSS10 Spring Guide w/ Bearing-$25

PSS10 Sp170(550fps)-$19.50

PSS10 Sp150(500fps)-$19.50

PSS10 Teflon Cylinder-$93.00

PSS10 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head-$23.00
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RedWolf would be a good place, just search around for the best prices.
Although the G Spec hop up is the better of the three version, and can even be argued to be the best out of any bolt action rifle.
[quote:0oasekm9]Although the G Spec hop up is the better of the three version, and can even be argued to be the best out of any bolt action rifle.
Well now, it's well and good because of the quick adjustment, but I haven't seen any consistancy reports on it. So I don't know about that one..

Anyways, listen to Oakey on this VSR stuff, he's spent his fair share lurkin' the webs so guys like us don't have to :)[/quote:0oasekm9]

Aye, but Arnies Airsoft approves!
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