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Problems Zeroing in

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Hi guys , i have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I recently took my rifle out to a game and i had zeroed it in before (at 30 meters ) but in the game it could not hit the side of a barn, it was going left , up down. I am using .36 bbs and my rifle is firing at 510fps. Any advice would be a huge help.
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Could you say what bb brand you are using, what bucking you hav
e, what barrel you have and have you shimmed your hopup arm, at first, I'd say the problem is your bucking.
E:deleted few unnecessary parts
The stock bucking doesn't give enough spin for 0.36g bbs.
Let me make a guestion list for you. ;)
-Have you shimmed your hopup arm?
-What is the last time you cleaned your bucking with warm water and soap? If bucking has residue from bbs, it harms your accuracy. Silicone oil on bucking does it too.
-What is the last time you cleaned your barrel?
Hopup arm is the "stick" that presses bucking to make backspin, if you havent shimmed it, it might wobble left and right, you should google "shimming vsr-10 hopup arm" or something like that.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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