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Project M107

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ok we all know that VFC at 1 point made the M107.
and we've all guessed it was a mistake, AWSOME thought tho...
but crap...

so for someone else, this might be a project;

for that, now convert it to an AEG or Gas system and that'd be 1- HELL of a Sniper Rifle to call custom.
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actually they never touched the M107...

they did the M82, not like they are much diferent. but still, DONT BE HATING ON THE M82! or ill have to beat you with it (which by the way it makes a better melee weapon that a fieldable rifle)
The M107 is the Army and Barrett Mfg designation. The USMC called the same rifle the M82A#. So you're both right-ish.

The piece you linked to though, Tango, is an paintball gun. As I'm sure you know, you just didn't say so in your post. It would also be a closer replica to Barrett's new CQ model of the M107. I do believe it's the M109.

Nope, sorry. The XM109 is a new rifle they are testing. It's actually classified by the ATF as a cannon, the round is so big. There is SOME info in their forums on their site. The short model M107 just adds a "CQ" modifier to the name. M107CQ if you will.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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