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prometheus barrel and pdi APS2 hop up chamber

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I have a barely used with original packaging prometheus 534mm 6.03 I am looking to get rid of for 60$

I also have a pdi aps2 hop up chamber for sale that comes with all that was in the package minus the actual packages. Looking for 65$ for the hop up.

both things were used for no more than 200 shots

pics soon

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double post Sorry.
Ill take 50$ for the barrel and 55$ for the hop up

Offer up, the worst I can say is no
Really need this stuff sold, offer up!
offer up, I know people can make use for these parts
Why are you selling them?
I attempted to mod my m24 to take the APS hop up, it didn't really work. I found I had better accuracy with my RS svd so I am selling these and the m24. I have no gun that fits a 534mm barrel so I have no use for the barrel. These are both in new condition and were never used in a game.

I did not modify the chamber or barrel, only drilled a hole in the outer barrel of the m24 to mount this.
Looks like the APS2 Hop up is gone pending money order. Barrel is still for sale!
hey is the hop up and barrel still available? I'll pm you.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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