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hello asf, I have the ashbury in bits after I obliterated the internals. I had bought the m150 upgrade kit with zero trigger, DW type B arm and a raven pdi 6.01 430mm tbb.

now I want to get this baby back in the field but I don't want to use these parts anymore except the dw type b arm.
these are the parts I want to stick in and want to know your opinion

Laylax pss10 Teflon cylinder
Laylax pss10 spring guide
Laylax pss10 m170sp spring
Laylax pss10 orange piston*
VFC cylinder head
Airsoft pro aluminium loading fin**
VFC zero trigger
metal loading ramp
DW tybe B arm
Nineball hop rubber
Laylax 6.02 430mm barrel
SPEED ASW338LM barrel spacer kit
standard DIY mods except TDC and LRB

*anyone know where I can get the orange piston on its own as I don't need the laylax zero trigger in the UK or Europe?

**even though this is for the TM L96 AWS they look they same and the loading system is the same( looking at pictures and design)

pictures to follow :)
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