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bobgengeskahn said:
awagg said:
Yeah, but maybe if you were going for a snow ghillie, it would stick out, but for everything else... get the cheap woodland camo BDU's.
Ah, good point, I never thought of that (most people around here don't know what snow is... they freak out when it rains
). If I were to make a snow suit though I would probably use one of those nifty half zip tyvek painting suits as a base; water proof, super light...
Yeah, gotcha... from the Bay Area too. What's up with the rain yesterday though? In june? Yuck.

But anyways, has anyone tried those A-tacs in dead grassland? Interested in trying them out. It seems like they'd blend in fairly well. The color is there, but the pattern is a little off...
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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