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PSS2 Aero chamber question

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A local shop happend to finally have some APS2 parts in that I could use for my ASR finally and since I was needing a hop up chamber I jumped on the aero chamber since I have only really heard good things about them.

When I installed it tonight I had to do some slight modification to my barrel to get it to fit properly, but once it did fit I noticed that I had rotate the barrel inside the chamber. I was able to move it back without taking everything apart again, but I am just wondering if this is supposed to happen due to the design of the aero chamber?

Other than that I am super excited to try it out and see if it helps this CA barrel
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Yeah that is normal.. That happened to me when I tried it in my L96.... needless to say I was quick to buy the PDI hopup chamber.
yeah, im not worried about it moving once I have it set up since there are some really tight tape spacers on it, i just wasnt sure if I installed it wrong or something lol. I'm actually just about to walk out the door and test it out :)
I've looked at this a while ago, what's the best place online to buy it?
I ordered mine through, they have all of the PDI stuff usually in stock at all times.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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