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Quality $200 or under L96: Who wants one??

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I, personally, would love to see a quality metal trigger unit, correct version (like the Tanaka) L96 clone!!!! I've always loved the look of the L96, but I really don't care to spend a fortune on the Tanaka gas L96 to get the correct version of the rifle; nor do I want to buy the UTG L96 or AGM (has a metal trigger unit, but the rifle stinks) in fear of it breaking on me rather quickly, and I would be sacrificing build accuracy to the Real-Steel!

Who would love to see a quality $200 or under spring L96???


I'll just have to talk to a few companies, I guess!
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I understand what your say Oakey, but should we really live like that!?? LOL!!!! I REALLY want a nice L96 sometime in the future, but, at the moment, I do NOT want to drop loads of cash for a really good one!

Can someone tell me why no company - except Tanaka - has made a 100% (you know what I mean) authentic looking L96!!? Isn't the only real issue the mag-well?? Thanks guys.

OH!!!! So there are different versions of the L96! HM, I'm going to go look up all the L96s. I really like the American version of the L96!!! Thank you for the info.

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