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Quality $200 or under L96: Who wants one??

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I, personally, would love to see a quality metal trigger unit, correct version (like the Tanaka) L96 clone!!!! I've always loved the look of the L96, but I really don't care to spend a fortune on the Tanaka gas L96 to get the correct version of the rifle; nor do I want to buy the UTG L96 or AGM (has a metal trigger unit, but the rifle stinks) in fear of it breaking on me rather quickly, and I would be sacrificing build accuracy to the Real-Steel!

Who would love to see a quality $200 or under spring L96???


I'll just have to talk to a few companies, I guess!
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I really wouldn't, because that would just entice more players to take up sniping.
Actually, Tanaks L96 isn't even an L96. It's an M700 AICS, which is the American made version that uses what looks like an L96 chassis, with an M700 dropped in.

Star is probably the closest you'll get to the real thing, but you also have to remember that they're are different versions of the L96 as well.
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