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I've been looking around for some relatively cheap(south of a 100 dollars) internal upgrades for my UTG L96. I found 2 things, but I have some questions about them.

ARMY FORCE Enhanced Upgrade Kit for Type 96 I've never heard of this, or the company. The reviews say it's an alright kit, but some filing needs to be done for proper fitting and that worries me. Anyone here know if they're worth the money?

Raven (PDI) 6.01 Inner Barrel My main concern with this is that it's only $50 and it's rocking the PDI branding. From my knowledge, PDI barrels are more around 100 dollars. Also, does anyone know what kind of hop-up this takes(stock or AEG)? Is it any good? I understand that 6.01 barrels require a lot of cleaning. Can someone link me a tutorial on how?

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