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Question about Prometheus IB for Type 96

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I'm planning to get a Pdi Hop Up Chamber and I was curious if all the Prometheus AEG 6.03 Tightbore Barrels were drop-ins. Do they require any modifications at all?

Also for anyone who does have a UTG Type 96 or similar model, what should be the desired length of the inner barrel?
--I hear too short does not use enough of the potential energy (lower fps), while too long actually has no use.
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The only one that is not a drop in is the m14 length barrels (499mm). The m14 specific AEG barrels are cut differently.

A 509mm barrel is the closest you can get unless you can find a 495mm barrel. The 509 is too long and will need to have end cap removed in order to fit correctly. Replacing end cap with flash hider and adapter is ideal or you can cut the barrel down 10mm like I did. Ideal length is 499mm but again the m14 length barrels do not work without modding.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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