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Quick Look at Kit

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Hey guys, I'm new here. I'm starting to get more and more interested into a DM/Sniping hybrid kind of role. I've been playing airsoft for about a year now. I used to carry nine or ten mags, but I'm slimming down for this role. Just three.

001 by tjstivers, on Flickr

The belt is an ATS War belt in MC. The Dumper is a mexpedition rolly poly, mag pouch is Tac. Tailor, and the GP pouch is Specter Gear. I love the suspenders, much better for crawling and running than a belt alone, they're also ATS.

005 by tjstivers, on Flickr

Here's a picture showing how it fits together with my new ghillie. It blends very well, and the hanging jute covers up the back end very well.

004 by tjstivers, on Flickr

006 by tjstivers, on Flickr

This is my rifle for the time being. It's a KWA SR-10 with an A2 stock. The A2 is great, it makes no noise, and there is no play. I'm still working on the rifle rag, I'll update with pictures when it is completed. Don't worry though, I'll be receiving an M14 next week that will be built for this role.

Questions? Comments? Concerns.
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You looking into getting a sidearm?

I like the removable ghillie, quick to remove and easy to store.
roguewolf said:
I definitely need gloves and something to cover my face. I felt like I had a rash from my lips to my shirt line. Any products you guys would suggest?
I wear one of these:

Underneath, I wear a padded foam protection piece. Helps protect my face from being shot up, as the balaclava by itself will not stop the bb from breaking skin:

Now this foam piece looks mad funny, and after wearing it I realized it needed to be cut. I cut around where my goggles are and along the siding to make it more comfortable. With most of the area around the goggle removed, it has become a very effective piece for protecting my face.
I am digging it. A scope would complete her. Hope you find one soon, and when you do, be sure to post some more pics. ;)

What kind of rag are you planning on using to conceal her?
Agreed, low profile rings would make it look much better. Like the rag, but not so much the woodland camo thing on the stock.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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