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Quick question. I know G&P made both V2.5 and regular V2 gearbox SR25/XM110s in the past. Is there any difference in the actual receiver between the two? or is it just a regular V2 with a longer nozzle or something in the ones that have V2 instead of V2.5?
Basically I'm wondering if it's possible to fit a V2.5 gearbox into a G&P SR25 that came with a V2 gearbox from the factory. Without modification anyway. Or is there any difference between the receivers on the ones that came with a V2 from the factory vs a V2.5.

I have a retro arms V2.5 gearbox setup ready to drop into one, and a friend of mine is selling his V2 gearbox G&P sr25. Would I be able to drop it in no problem? or are the V2 receivers different from the V2.5 guns?
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