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Generally, a Gas NBB pistol is going to be nearly silent, since there is nothing but escaping gas to make a noise. A TM Mk.23 or Y&P Mk.23 is likely your best bet, the TM being a better gun, but the Y&P being cheap....hard to complain about that.... I do not own one (yet) but I would guess the volume is likely similar to that of my M700AICS, which is near silent.

I only own one springer, a TM P228, and it does make a noise while firing, a sorta hard plastic hitting plastic might not be something you'd notice if there is AEG fire around, but it's nowhere near silent. Not sure how far away you can hear it from, never tried.

AEP - I only own a cyma G18C, and it too is not very quiet....has a kind of whiny motor noise which would be drowned out by AEG fire, but will still stand out if there's little other noise.

Gas blowbacks are noisy as hell for the most part....all of mine are anyway. My TM DE.50 hardkick is probably the loudest stock pistol I have ever heard....great for intimidation, not so much for being quiet. I always draw attention when I fire that gun.... My other GBBs can be loud too, depends on the surroundings, but they are not going to be stealthy.

IMO, NBB > springer > plastic slide GBB/TM AEP > metal slide GBB/knockoff AEP. I think evike had the Y&P Mk.23s for a decent price, possibly shorty's as well. ASGI has then for like $45 IIRC...but I've seen better prices....
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