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Quieting the Beast

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I've had a spring CA M24 for about 2 years now and have upgraded it to be reliable. Now that I have some more money to pour into it I'm wondering what I need to buy to make it quieter. My guess is just finding the correct piston heads? So really I'm looking for a specific part rather than telling me it's this or that.

Thanks in advance
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Currently I'm running it with:

- PSSM190 thick type spring (modified length)
- Classic Army advanced steel cylinder (with included spring guide)
- Classic Army APS vacuum piston (royal blue, aluminum)
- Stock CA trigger system
- PSG-1 madbull tightbore (cut to length)
- Stock CA hop-up

I guess another question I have is how loud is the stock trigger system compared to the zero trigger systems? Is there a difference? My stock trigger system has been great even under all that stress and the trigger pull isn't bad at all. But if the stock trigger is creating my noise then maybe it's time to purchase a zero trigger. Or maybe it's as quiet as it's going to get and I should just shut up and like it!
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I presume since you don't have an after-market cylinder head listing, you're running with the stock cylinder head?
The cylinder heads that I've seen all look the same. The piston just seems to hit the same o-ring on the cylinder head.
A damper cylinder head should quiet your gun down some.
Just when I thought I knew my gun inside and out I'm now relearning about cylinder heads!
Thanks Dutton, you've been most helpful.
get a AEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or good sniper
nice first post man...

first off, range is a sniper's best friend. and AEGs, no matter how much you upgrade them, can not reach out as far as a nicely upgraded spring sniper rifle. plus to even get close to getting the range out of an AEG that you would a spring rifle, you will be looking at pumping around a grand into your primary. you can get away with about 4-5 hundred bucks and get a little 75+ yard tack driver
Well.. My AEG shoots about... 55 yards effictively, after I drop all my upgrades and whatnot (Long ways down the road) I should be able to drill a man sized target at around 65-70 yards. Which is really about how far a sniper can shoot when it's got upgrades. Anything over 75+ yards and either there was zero wind speed and your gun is insane or you were just extremely lucky.
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