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Quitting Rifleman Sale

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Hey guys, sadly my first post on this board has to be a classified since I am trying to get a sniper rifle. I will post pictures of my ghillie suit when it is done.

-No reservations, first come first serve.
-Trades over money.
-Once I ship (With USPS Tracking), it is no longer my problem.
-If you want pictures, please message me, or post below with email and item you want to see, and any specifics you want to see.

Cheytac M200 (Gas or Spring)

Don't be afraid to offer up on trades though, I'm a reasonable guy.

Most of this gear was from a U.S Navy SEAL Circa 2010-2011 Kit, so if you buy this whole kit, you will be set up for an amazing impression.

Lets kick things off with the Plate Carriers.

-LBT 6094A (Coyote Tan)

Literally brand new. The DOM is May 2012, and I got late last month. Never fielded, just sat in my closet. Comes with a coyote brown elastic cummerbund as well as the molle cummerbund.

$320 shipped with tracking & insurance

-Pantac 6094A Replica (Khaki)

This one has seen better days, holes for carabiners were added on the bottom shingle section. Other than that its just a little dusty.

$115 Shipped With tracking and insurance


Dboys MK18 Mod 0

This gun is almost brand new. Only 1,000 0.25 BB's have ever been fired from this. Added is a KAC Replica RIS Unit with heatshield, Troy Rear Sight, and a KAC Vertical Foregrip. Included is 3 MAG Midcap Magazines in Tan. I can add a KAC suppressor made by G&G Armament for extra. It is the quick attach suppressor that goes over your flashider. (Comes with ICS Metal 1/2 Blaze Orange 1/2 Black flashider)

$200 Shipped with tracking and insurance


Emerson Multicam Combat Set (Medium Regular)

These have been fielded twice by me, and have no rips, or visible signs of wear. I will of course wash these before I ship them to you, and I am including the crye style elbow and knee pads to complete the Crye Uniform look.

$70 shipped with tracking
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