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So guys, I decided I am going to step back from airsoft and focus more on sports and school for the next year. Just want to make this final sale of the rest of my gear, but I will still be collecting real gear for training.

You pay for shipping
Paypal Only
OBO on all the items (Or Best offer)

Dboys MK18 Mod 0.

This gun is the full metal series from the DBoys lineup. The highest end of Dboys rifles you can get, and it is a workhorse.

-10.5" barrel
-Replica KAC RIS
-Crane Stock
-Troy Rear Flip up Sight

Internally this gun just has different wiring and a JG motor.

Externally this has a Khaki/Brown/OD Snakeskin on the whole rifle. Looks really nice, and something like a real deal operator would have on the gun. Has a KAC flashider (Full metal)

PRICE: I was wanting to get $200

3 Green Label P-Mags (FDE)


1 PTS P-Magazine FDE

PRICE: $25 Shipped


Flyye 6094A (Khaki)
-Looks good, in good condition.
-Khaki Color looks good

PRICE: $110

Flyye Medical Pouch
-Has a sharpied on cross for the IFAK symbol
-NKDA (No Known Drug Allergies) on it too


Flyye Single Dual M4 Pouch
-Brand New

PRICE: $15

Flyye Right Angle Administration Pouch
-brand new

Price $15 Shipped

$150 for the whole PC Setup

Flyye Right Angle War Belt
-Brand New
-Comes with suspenders

PRICE: $30

Emerson Multicam Combat Pants
-Used 4-5 Times
-No holes or anything
-Coloration is almost dead on to crye's pattern
-Comes with Gen.2 Crye Kneepad Replicas

PRICE: $45
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