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R hop or flat hop mod..

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Has anyone here done the flat hop before? Please tell me something more about it.

I want to install an R hop in my M28 but there is no freaking way I wanna take apart my rifle about 20 times. I just dont wanna,lol.. So the next best option is either R hop my Sr25 cause the hopup is much easier to get to.. then when its perfect, take the barrel back out and put it in my M28? Would it be the same setting or would the different hopup and bucking make things different?

Also, since I just dont wanna fool with an R hop so much, would the flat hop just be the way to go?

I guess its safe to admit I am getting lazy in my old age,haha.. The R hop just seems like too much work! I dont wanna fiddle with it that much. I'm already getting 250ft or so with the stock bucking and excelent accuracy since I shimmed the hopup arm and did the Tdc.. Or should I not even bother since its already a pretty awesome rifle?
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it is better then stock, but it fails in comparison to an R-hop, and while it is a pain to do an R-hop, the trick is to have some practice on an easier to disassemble rifle. also having a spare bucking to slide over and check with makes it insanely easier. once you remove the barrel, you put in the R-hop patch, put on the bucking, see if a bb just drops through. if not, sand some more off, repeat till a bb just slides on past with no pressure besides gravity.

*edit, I guess i should explain how to mod the bucking. first, flip it inside out, then cut the ridge off of the bottom, and the hop up bump. then cut the lips off. yes, you do destroy a perfectyl good bucking for this, but once you have it you have the means to "smoke test" an R-hop with out repeadtedly taking apart the rifle
No videos, it's just the nature of the beast. Like Luluk described, you have to push the bucking into the barrel. This causes excessive wear on the bucking, and while it will last for a time, and work well, eventually, it will tear, and you'll need to replace it. There are other reasons, but that's the biggest issue in my book.
What I did to get around that was use the old stock bucking. since with an R-hop you would want to replace it with a harder one for air seal purposes, just cut up the stock one, then you have no need to worry about wearing down your bucking
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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