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R-HopUp Help for choose rubber*

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Hi all..i'm going to make my first R-HopUp into my Vsr10Custom and i've a simple question:
I've to choose between 3 different rubber for the "External Hopup" between:
King Arm Bucking
Cylinder Rectangle Magenta Auto part Plastic

PDI W-Hopup for normal Vsr10 Chamber
Household hardware Gas Camera accessory Cylinder Rim

Tokyo Marui ( The original Marui rubber from Vsr10Gspec )

Automotive tire Household hardware Cylinder Auto part Gas

Which one of this 3 hopup going to be the bestone choose??i'll going to use:
-Normal TokyoMarui Chamber
-HSA VSR10 custom arm designed for M-nub
-R-Hopup from HSA
Note: This rifle 'll gain only 330fps\0.99Joule as 0.20BBs.
Thnx, Ace.
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Not sure if It's the same with vsr guns as opposed to AEG guns. But the thing people like about the R-hop is that you can use soft buckings (keeps a good air seal) because the R-hop still gives you the advantage of using heavier bb's but having a soft bucking (for air seal). Again I'm not 100% sure if it works the same with the vsr style system, but if I had to guess I would say it will. So you should pick the softest bucking.
It is the other way around, you can use a really hard bucking, which is great for airseal but bad for hop, because the r-hop becomes your point of contact with the bb, not the bucking.

the king arms bucking is crap. mine tore under 200 shots trying to lift .36 bb's.

pdi I have not tried, same with the TM. everything I have read though says the nine Ball purple buckings are by far the best.
You should check which one gives you better air seal, not which is better cause as already stated the r hop patch will be the contact surface.

I think the TM is pretty good.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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