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R700 aac-sd

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Starting a new project that I wanted to share with you all!

Just got my Seekins precision 20MOA base in today. Mounted a cheapo scope on it for the time being

Thanks for looking guys
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What a gorgeous rifle!
Great pain job on the stock!
Now all you need is an actual suppressor for the end and a US optics scope :D
The stock is factory green. It's a hogue overmold stock, the color is called ghillie green.

Soon to come mods:

Seekins precision scope rings
Harris bipod
Leupold mark 4 or USO or NF optic variable zoom
AAC Blackout muzzle brake
AAC suppressor

Then later,

A McMillan A4 stock
5/10 round detachable magazine
A new sexy paint job
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Go with a USO man... you wont be sorry.

I am still trying to "borrow" my buddies from him.
(sorry about the oversize cat... got in every picture I took)

added a few things...

B&C stock
SWFA 3x9 Mildot
Seekins Precision 20MOA Mount
Seekins Precision Low 30mm rings
Cheek pouch.

Cheapo bipod for the time being.. Soon to be replaced

If all goes well I will get some rounds down range tomorrow... Maybe push her out to 600 plus...
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Absolutely gorgeous! I'm a rem. 700 lover, doesn't even matter the caliber neither. Lol.
Very sweet though, thanks for sharing with us man. Looking forward to seeing more of her as you progress with customization!

Took her out to the range today and got DOPE from 100-800 yards today. Shoots like a dream!

Even got a chance to ring the 1000 yard gong, twice. Needless to say I am pretty stoked. It's so satisfying to hear the steel plate when you get past about 500 yards... See the hit then shortly after come the ding. :)

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I wish I could find a range with 1000 yard targets, I'm stuck at shooting 300 yards with my R700.
Very nice, I'm also jealous of the 1000 yard range, can barely get 200 where I shoot.
Very nice....!!
The furthest I've shot was at 400m (~430 yrds) was with a HK G3 when I was in the Army!

I just got a falcon 4-14x44 ffp scope and love it. Would be great on your rifle.
I just got a falcon 4-14x44 ffp scope and love it. Would be great on your rifle.
The Falcom Menace 4-14X44 is my next purchase for my Remington 700... read alot of good press on this glass.
Seriously need to look into the Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 optics... IT'S a DREAM man.

Does that stock allow free floating?

I'm looking to drop some dough into a McMillan but don't know if I could go with the 'clones' and get the same result.

Edit: What grain bullets were you using for the 1000 yard? I really enjoy the 168 grain.
I can tell you right now mccl that no clone will live up to a real McMillan stock. McMillan stocks are expensive, but there is a reason for that, they are the best gun stocks in the world! I would have to say if you have the money, go out and buy a REAL McMillan stock.
Yeah, I'm just going to save a bit more and do that. The stock in it right now is good, I can wait about a month or two till she is a complete rifle... You should check her out, I put up pics of her. ha
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