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I have a simple question. What, if any, type of radio or walkie talkie do you use? I browsed the forum and noticed a surprising lack of topics on radios.
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newbie said:
I use a generic programmable radio. it is very power full and can transmit at 5w, kind of like a icom minus the name (I know it is technically illegle in the states but I dont care about the FCC)
As a ham radio operator I would have to advise against anyone doing this. I know several people who do what are called 'fox hunts' and all it would take is one FCC moderator to over hear traffic before they walk up on you. There are an ungodly number of laws you can break on the airwaves with a license, not to mention without one. Most of the penalties are monetary (fines) but that racks up. TLDR: do this at your own risk, the fines can easily reach thousands of dollars.

Anyways, I use a set of midland that came with an ear piece and a lapel PTT. Water resistant, works with the Motorola FRS radios, has weather. $60 at Frys. The advantage is that if they crack, break, get smashed, or I cuss on the air it doesn't matter vs. my $600 Yeasu 2m radio.
They can, and they do, they just don't have the man power to chase everybody. I personally don't care if people do or don't. However, if an operator needs the airwaves (especially if it
Yes yes, FRS/GMRS are public (technically GMRS requires a liscence but no one cares). I was under the impression newbie was talking about 2M freqs; which are regulated and moderated semi regularly.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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