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ok so this is a quick over view since alot of people don't know what rafia is they talk about it in "Trigger Men" but its basicly an artifical god send in grass areas please excuse photos had no extra netting on hand to demond straight and the idea would be lost on a full ghillie suit

this is Rafia

if you notice the loops at the bottom loop this into your netting

the rafia peices i am holding should first be tied in front of the loops then pulled back like so

then tie the rest off behind and presto you have "free standing" artifical grass.

i would recomend that you use it sparingly it just needs to look like someone didnt trample the area not like a sea of grass and take into consideration which way your arm will most likly be positioned before you attach to them.
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Thanks for the pics! I have not gotten to my ghillie recently to try this out, but I am planning to do this. While I was picking up the rafia I found some small binding wire for $2 so I am thinking about using that on my ghillie as well to see how that works to help out a bit.

question: how do you store your ghillie? I usually store it by folding it vegitation side in (i made a crawl suit), rolling it and stuffing it into an A-Bag. i would imagine that this would keep the rafia from standing up after it is packed, then again driving to a game with a ghillie hanging in the window of the car might draw some suspicious looks
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i just leave it in my back seat for the drive. you want it to be able to take a beating cause it will.
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