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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I just put it in general. As some of you may know, I am getting a JG BAR-10 soon. Whilst mowing my lawn the today, I wondered what do stray airsoft BBs do to a mower? Does anybody have any experience with this kind of thing? I probably won't be skirmishing in my backyard, but I may be doing some target practice and it may be an issue.
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I think the bb's would sink too low into the lawn for it to matter. Bb's are usually pushed down into the soil and mowers don't cut that low so you should be fine. They're too small to do any real damage to something like a lawn mower, anyway.
Embed got it, you shouldn't have to worry.
Okay, I just didn't want to get to the situation and get in trouble!
I have another question but didn't want to start a new thread for it. I just ordered my gun thinking that I had a Bi-pod on my real gun for hunting. Turns out that my uncle wanted the sweet bi-pod back, and now, I have no bi-pod. Are bi-pods necessary? Will I be fine until I can get one from a hunting store or something like that? How do I know if a bi-pod from a store will fit my gun?
Harris Style bi-pods will fit your gun. bi-pods are just used to steady the gun. Its not needed, but a great plus.

For me I have to have it, because I have to run a lot during a game, and I know I will not be able to get the gun stable.
I don't use my BiPod.. hardly ever. I guess I just don't see a need, but it makes a good rifle stand for now.
I have a bipod on my gun but unless I am camped out in prone for a while it is usually folded up.

Do you have any other plans for your rifle? (i.e. Upgrades, etc?)
jcapicy said:
I have a bi-pod on my gun but unless I am camped out in prone for a while it is usually folded up.

Do you have any other plans for your rifle? (i.e. Upgrades, etc?)
Well I have a tighbore coming with it, but other than that i plan to maybe to the Teflon and air brake mod, then I saw this custom suppressor but I don't know if that works. I also eventually want to get a zero trigger and a nine-ball hop-up. Any other suggestions?
If you get the zero trigger and the nine ball, you mite as well get a heavier spring as well as a spring guide. I would suggest a Sp150 for the spring, and the Laylax Ball Bearing Spring Guide.
Im,sorry to bother you Oakey but im a bit of a noob, i recently saw a video of airsoft skirmishing and i know my friends also attend skirmishes, although they dont really know what theyre talking about in terms of their gun models and upgrades, and intend on becoming liscensed soon. However, I haver no idea on what sniper model i should select, I was wondering how much you usually spend on a single gun with and without upgrades, Im only 16 at the moment and so are a bit skint on money so the most i can spend on the base model without upgrades is
The JG BAR-10 is a good starter sniper rifle. I recently bought one and it is on its way right now. It uses upgrades for the vsr-10 as well, so you can take it anyway you like. I spent about $275 on just some basic things for it and airsoft. Just search around AirsoftGi for some good deals. I got a DB Customs 6.01 precision barrel, which is supposed to be good. Also I just got an extra mag and some eye protection(always a must). This should get me going for awhile. Then after awhile, I can upgrade it to make it better. So basically, just search around on the forums for info. New To Sniping was all about me getting my first gun. It should be a few posts down from this one.
Budding, don't worry about bothering me, I'm a mod it comes with the name tag.

Anyways, with that kind of cash you are willing to spend. You can pretty much get a full Laylax'd VSR. I would suggest the VSR 10 G-Spec with the following upgrades.

Tokyo Marui G-Spec-$214

PSS10 Zero Trigger w/Neo Piston-$153

PSS10 Spring Guide w/ Bearing-$25

PSS10 Sp170(550fps)-$19.50

PSS10 Sp150(500fps)-$19.50

PSS10 Teflon Cylinder-$93.00

PSS10 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head-$23.00

Nine Ball Wide Use Air Seal Chamber for Marui VSR-10-$12.90

Laylax PSS10 VSR-10 TN Barrel (430mm)-$49.99

I included two springs just to show you what ones are most common, and what FPS you would get. I wouldn't get both, but if you would like go ahead. This set up is used by pretty much everyone with a VSR, excluding some personal things that they have added or subtracted from this list I gave you.

The total for all of this is, $590usd. Which converts to 374euro, which seems like it will be well in your price range. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
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cheers mate,brilliant youve been really helpful, taht would be perfect for me. I am amazed at how helpful everyone is, especially after being called a stupid noob and recieving abuse on a different website,cant remember which one, thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!
No problem man, just remember to clean up your spelling and grammar, and you'll be fine around here.
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