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I have been going through my shooting notes and found some of the notes I keep regarding range estimation. I personally don't have the luxury of a Mil-Dot reticule, just a standard Duplex reticule, however this can be used for rough estimation of range as follows.

The Duplex reticule makes use of a fine cross in the centre of the scope with thicker lines at the edge

The reticule is described as a 30/30 reticule, and at 3x the small cross of the reticule covers an area of approximatly 45inches at 100yrds (an m16 is 39in)

at x4 the small cross covers 30inches at 100yards which is approximatly the size of an M4

so for example if at x4 an m4 rifle fills half the small cross the target is 200yards away or if only half the rifle can fit into the reticule the target is 50yards away.

Hope this helps
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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