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Hey guys!

what is your ideal effective range of sniping? is the range 130ft-150ft good enough for you guys to be shooting from?

I recently upgraded my gun to shoot around 550fps (around 450 on 0.3) and from my range guesstimate, I have it zeroed on more or less 130ft.. is it good enough? or should I extend it more?
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It depends on where you play. For my field, we have a 150 foot minimum engagement distance. 250 feet is a good general distance to shoot for (pun intended).
Ive got my Echo1 ASR sighted in at about 200 ft, and hitting accuratly at 250.

And personally, I would say that if your not getting out to 200ft, your not really effecting an advantage over an aeg. My wifes MP5 can hit the 100 - 120 ft mark pretty easyily. So to be a sniper and be effective, I would say that you have to hit 160 - 200 ft. Then you can hit without being heard, or seen right away.

Otherwise, the AEGs charge a quick couple of feet take cover and spray your position.
I see. Cool, thanks guys! as of the moment, it is what is permitted area for me to zero in, but once the gun ban lifts, L'll be pushing to extend my zeroed range at this setup. :)

thanks for the input guys.
I hope you are not planning on upgrading your muzzle velocity. If you are already at 550 you should invest in more consistent internals, a new barrel, and a totally new hop up system. I would also suggest using bb's closer to .4s, as that is what I use in all my rifles that have a 500fps or higher velocity.
Thanks for the advice sir Soldier. im looking into getting a PDI hop system from Japan from my friend, but they say its quite hard to set that kind of hop. I saw an alternate, in the net ( i think there's a thread on this ) from Gunner's airsoft web.. but I am still waiting for reviews on it.

I'm currently trying to zero in on the 180-200 ft, I found a man sized plank (actually a crude scare crow) in a rice field here. I just have to find the right hop setting for it.

I'm also going to buy if not 0.43's of madbull, maybe 0.36 goldenballs.
I would not suggest madbulls, almost everyone who uses them has reported very inconsistent shots. People have cut them in half to show that they have loads of air bubbles in them. From what I hear the GBs are supposed to be pretty good.
Go for the Golden ball .40s. Once you have those suckers sighted in, no one will be able to see em coming, and yes, I have gone up against super parkour ninjas out there that can see your bb coming if they were looking in your direction and then dodge your shot. :)
I'd rather be facing ninjas than zombies. Hahaha. Hopefully, our local stores have 0.4's in stock. the heavier bb's are not as popular here in our country, compared to the 0.28, and 0.3.. :)
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