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Okay so the accuracy of my rifle is sorted. Now I'm thinking I would like a bit more range. I have to keep within our 1 joule limit but I would like to be shooting at around 0.9 joules. My gun is shooting at the moment at around 0.8 joules.
Have you got any ideas or is it not worth doing?
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If you were to use say bioval .27's with an ER hop and an LRB you could keep it the same FPS but gain the much needed accuracy and precision.
Because if you are going to be using a heavier weight ammo you are going to have to redo everything with the accuracy and range.

The heavier the ammo the less range you will have, unless you do something to make up for it ( the ER hop or LRB )
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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