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Okay so the accuracy of my rifle is sorted. Now I'm thinking I would like a bit more range. I have to keep within our 1 joule limit but I would like to be shooting at around 0.9 joules. My gun is shooting at the moment at around 0.8 joules.
Have you got any ideas or is it not worth doing?
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Currently I have been using 0.2 bbs. I know a lot of people think that they are too light for accuracy but with under one joule, they seem to be the best for range and accuracy.
Yeah the only thing is, is that for me the accuracy with .2s is great with the large majority of my kills are one shot one kill. As far as I remember almost all of my kills have been one shot kills unless I was getting out of range with my rifle hence the want of increased range. I have tried .28s but i found that the loss of range was too much of a compromise for accuracy. I understand though that if I am to upgrade the range I will probably need heavier bbs.
I already said that Im sorted with accuracy so i dont need to fix that, its range Im tying to get. Also, the selection of bbs here in ireland is rather limited. I havent seen bioval anywhere and I dont even think you can get 0.3s. The market is mostly dominated by king arms, excel, and different store designed brands.
Okay thanks guys. This really helps.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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