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Okay so the accuracy of my rifle is sorted. Now I'm thinking I would like a bit more range. I have to keep within our 1 joule limit but I would like to be shooting at around 0.9 joules. My gun is shooting at the moment at around 0.8 joules.
Have you got any ideas or is it not worth doing?
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You should try .25g and .30g bbs to be sure! I've used .30s in GBB stock pistols and had some great results!

Agree with Wolf. I use .28's in my GBB pistol with zero problems. I can't any reason why it wouldn't agree with your rifle!
I have used GoldenBall .23's and got fairly decent results with lower fps guns I use to stay within a specific MED. But, as far as for a DMR or Sniper build, I would advise against anything lower than .25g. The bb's will only hit their target at maximum range with absolutely pristine conditions (i.e. zero wind, zero brush, zero motion.)
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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