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Raptor's Maruzen

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Hey, I haven't been on here for a while and I finally found the time to get on. School, homework, yardwork, teachers, and my girl have been holding me back a bit on airsoft. But I will always put my girl and school first before airsoft.
Livonia, I know mine ain't nothing like yours and probably can't compete anywhere near the capability of yours but here goes.

Custom paint job on the CA M15A4. It's my brother's but I take care of it like it is mine. It's all stock.
I'm a little out of money right now and I'm not done upgrading it but any suggestions would still be nice.
Maruzen APS Type 96 loadout:

Harris Low Profile Spring Eject Bipod
Maruzen APS Silencer w/ adapter
UTG 3-9x40 scope (I plan on updating the scope because changing windage and elevation on this thing is a pain in the ass)
OK cylinder upgrade set

Need a new trigger system, inner barrel, and scope.
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Thanks. The bipod is King Arms. I was really thinking about the tightbore and it can't be too tight because I'm shooting a little over 500 right now and the field won't allow over 550 fps.

I really don't know what type of spring I'm using but it came in one of those kits, pretty friggen' tight spring though. I do know it was a 8itc# getting it in the cylinder. I will never open that cylinder up, you have no idea. Let me take that back, you probably do.

I want reliabilty and durability in a trigger system. I don't really care about the easy trigger pull since I'm already used to the hard type on my rifle team at school. King Arms products, from what I've seen and have dealt with are very durable and I'm looking into it. The bipod is a beast, it's absolutly amazing. It's simple, easy to use, strong, and actually works.
You are probably right about doing the externals later.

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