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Hey guys, call sign on the field is sticks. I've been playing airsoft seriously here in ohio and nationwide since 2005. My first primary rifle was a TM M4. Since then I've owned my fair share of rifles. Registered here in 2008 after lurking for a few months. At the time I was running a TM G-Spec as my primary, shot 384 consistantly and I was ranging out to the 250ft range with her and a KM head tightbore.

Quit sniping in late 2008 for a few reasons, but the bug never left me. I started looking at running a DMR platform late last year. I settled on a KWA SR12 as my platform about april of this year. I've ran it in 6 games since then and I haven't looked back.

Little bit about myself. I'm an Army guardsman, a reservist for you boys across the pond, currently active in a Long Range Surveillance unit here in Ohio. Its the army's new way of saying recon. Besides airsoft I enjoy real steel firearms, I'm a college student, and I work full time at an airsoft retail store; which also accounts to a lot of lost time on the airsoft field unfortunately.

Just wanted to say that the site is very different than it was when I left it, in a good way. Theres a lot more information, more european participation and a hell of a lot more classic rifles around here now(always gives me a chubby).

Hopefully I'll stick around this time. :D

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