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Well many people have seen me posting on the forums, but it has been awhile since I had posted my intro post. So why not do a new one so people can know a little more about me.

Name...... Chris
Callsign..... Woogie
Location.... Fargo, ND....IE..... Great White North
Age..... Will be 27 on the 30th of this month

I have been airsofting for around 10 years now. I was a convert from the paint ball scene, and it was a good switch to tell you the truth.

I started off with a BE SL8 and it was a great rifle, until it fell while I was painting the rifle. Was a good rifle and it got me more into the fun sport.

List from there......

UTG M324
G&G M14
JG-bar 10 ( have had 3 )
JG-bar 10 G-spec (have had 2 )
Tanaka M700 AICS
G&G M4, with pro win gearbox
KJW M700
KJW M700 take down
CA M24

So I have had a few rifles and have enjoyed them all, but I think it really shows that I like the precision side of things the most.

I love to tinker and work with the rifles and try to make them the best rifle on the field, so I can strike fear into the people on the field.

I have always used a ghillie, heck I have 5 of them. I use them for this sport as well as hunting.

In my free time I like to play my 360, target shooting, varmint hunting, and my RC planes, helicopters, and trucks. So this is just another expensive hobby that I have, and my wife hates that I have so may hobbies.

I am currently in the Army Gurads up here in my area. I am a 21B, or Combat Engineer. I was deployed to Iraq for 14 months, and during that time was shot at, blown up, and all sorts of hell was brought down around me. All of that happened while I was clearing the roads of IED's and any other hazards to my group and coalition forces. I enjoyed every moment of it and am looking forward to the chance to go to Afghanistan.

If anyone has any questions or anything let me know... I am more than happy to answer just about any question.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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