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Name: Arthur



I've been playing the sport for a year now(started in July 2011) and am enjoying each game as much, if not more, than the previous one. Found out about the sport back when I was in school, about 15 years of age, but wasn't able to afford to get into it. Then grew up, got a job and felt no regret when parting with my money if it's airsoft related.

Your arsenal:
I currently own a KWA H&K USP Match as my backup weapon, it's a great pistol. I run it on .3g BBs and the range/accuracy rivals most AEGs(and even some bolties) on the field.
As my primary I run a TM VSR10 Pro with a rather basic upgrade package, bringing it to 500fps with SHS Trigger Sear, SHS Piston Sear, Steel Spring Guide, M150 Spring, Aluminium one piece high pressure piston as upgrades(Performed by a site owner where I regularly skirmish at, unfortunately I'm yet not skilled in upgrading myself, but something I'd like to learn to do). I run it on .4g BBs for the extra accuracy/wind resistance down range.
For those times when you fancy a little change, even if it's for a game or two, I've got myself a CYMA AKM (CM.048M), fully stock apart from a spring that brings the FPS down to 330-340 area.
Also acquiered a DE M56B(an impulse buy) to try out whenever I can get myself to go to a CQB site(So far I've only played woodland).

Your camo:
I do not wear a ghillie suit at this point when airsofting due to getting hot and since I'm wearing glasses, that makes the steaming problem more of a problem than usual. I just stick to British DPM(trousers, t-shirt, jacket, boonie hat) for now.

What are your other hobbies?:
The usual bit, relaxing, beer drinking, quite alot into TV series, some computer gaming, regular gaming(ie pool, bowling).

Where do you reside?:
England, but originaly from Latvia.

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Welcome to the forum. I think we have an upgrade guide for VSR rifles in the VSR section (obviously the upgrades listed there aren't all the upgrades available) and we have a guide in the new new members section for which upgrades to get first.
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