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Real Steel Which Gun Thread...

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Seriously, I would like to look into getting a real sniper rifle, and maybe even try my hand at competing at local gun clubs. What would be a good consistant sniper rifle?

Prices get pretty scary when I search around for various platforms, so if you knew of any places I could start researching, that would be great... real steel is a whole new world, I hate being a noobie again.

Here is my favorite forum to frequent:

Many a nice thread on this forum... I lurk only.
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FN AR or a AR-10. IMO there is no sense in slowing down to reload, unless you can actually out shoot a sub-MOA rifle. Saw a few Remington 700s on Google shopping under $600. Midwest hunters seem to always have a great price if you know a dealer. You also might want to consider some of the classics like a Mauser, Mosin Nagant or Lee Enfeild? If you get a C&R license you can order them off the INTERNET. You might also want to research a particular caliber like a .300 Mag, just something that has a particularly flat and fast trajectory.
I thought a lot of the old military rifles got a bad wrap IMO. Either from poor care, time or corrosive powders it just doesn't seem fair to right them off just yet if you want a fun project. The trick is to find one in great condition which is near impossible unless you "know a guy", get lucky, or have a C&R license and are able to find the ones that have spent the majority of their life in a cosmoline bath at a forgotten warehouse.

Seems a little expensive in general to me. Rifle $600+, Scope $400+, Ammo $250 1/4 case in .308. Still need mags, bipod, cleaning kit, scope rings, targets, range membership and the kicker, a good excuse for the old lady. :) This stuff makes airsoft look affordable. I'm happy just popping a few rounds now and then to stay familiar with my carry.

Not really a M14 fan but I'll give it to you that they can be very accurate if they are bedded correctly. They just seems like their value is over hyped. If I was going to competitively shoot though a .308 would probably be one of my first choices. There is just too many choices out their for reloading not to consider it. Check out for ammo. If you save your brass they will give you a discount.
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Why is this thread off topic, seriously? Its in the lounge which is for speaking your mind freely and is considered off topic from the forums. The first reply was by a mod too.
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