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Real Steel Which Gun Thread...

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Seriously, I would like to look into getting a real sniper rifle, and maybe even try my hand at competing at local gun clubs. What would be a good consistant sniper rifle?

Prices get pretty scary when I search around for various platforms, so if you knew of any places I could start researching, that would be great... real steel is a whole new world, I hate being a noobie again.

Here is my favorite forum to frequent:

Many a nice thread on this forum... I lurk only.
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Ummm.... sorry guys but this is an AIR SOFT FORUM.

I was under the impression that there is suppose to be no talk of real steel rifles. We don't need people coming on here thinking they are going to talk about real sniper rifles. That isn't what the forum was started for.

There are many good forums out there that can help you out. The forum that you listed is a great forum, I am a member over there as well. A lot of help and good guys over there to help you with just this question.

So I can see the thread getting shut down here in a little bit. Sorry to be the a$$ of the thread, but sorry.
I didn't mean to make it stop.

I would assume that since it is in the lounge it would be ok, but in the same respect on the rest of the forum it is frowned upon.

I would say talk about it till mosin, dutton, or livonia say not to

But if you are looking at getting an actual sniper rifle..... get ready to drop a crap load of money.

If you are wanting a competition rifle, yeah save up even more ;)
I have talked to guys that have near $14K into the rifle, then again these are the same guys that are doing the extreme long range precision shooting competitions.

My target air rifle I have close to $1K into it. And that is made to shoot 10m targets.

If you want a fun .22 take a look at a nice anshultz rifle, or see if you can't find a Remington 40x. I do have a Russian izmash CM-2 biathlon rifle. Single shot little monster. I have pushed her out to 300 yards, and can hit clay pigeons with it 10/10 times.

Because as soon as you speak the word "accuracy" your bank account is going to get rapped.
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Keep the rifle as is man!!!

My father has a remington target master from his grandfather, with an original scope on her. The rifle and scope are near 100 years old or so. The rifle will still shoot single holes at 50 yards.

If you want to mod a rifle, get a new one. Don't ruin something that your grandfather was making sure you got.

Sorry about before, forgot that it was in the "lounge" part of the forum. Was a long day that day..
You can get them through the CMP ;)

Look at the Sakos, ... damn can't think of others.

But on the forum that you listed, they have a rimfire side of things. Spend some time reading through there.

The 40x is a nice rifle, but good lucking finding parts for them. Through the CMP you can get a barreled reciever. You need to find the bolt, and a trigger. The trigger is easy as you can use any M700 trigger, but the bolt is a pain in the butt to find.

That will bring you more joy than anything you could ever buy now. Tell your wife it would be like getting rid of, well something that was given to her by her grandmother ;)

Yeah there are a lot of hoops to jump through with the CMP, but again being in the military it isn't that bad. The 40x is going to cost quite a bit in the long run.

You may be able to grab one at a gun show. Next time there is one in your area, get there the first day and take a look around. If you find a few rifles that you like, go home and do some research on them. Go back on the last day and see if they are still there. Most times you can get the seller down to a much lower price, so they don't have to take the rifle back home ;)
Keep us updated man.

Depending on how old the rifle is, you may be able to find some parts for her.

Any way we could get some details of the rifle? Model, make, year made, and the exact piece that is missing or broke? With all of the forums on the web someone on here, may be able to find you your part.
I hear ya man. Glass options are about as hard as picking a rifle.

Do as much research as you can. And before you go with a .223 rifle, I would really strongly look at getting a .22 lr and starting there. I would hate to see you try and do some uber long range shooting with your .223, only to find out that it is harder than you think.

Atleast with a .22lr the rounds are cheaper, and you don't have to find an 800 yard range. Try and take a .22lr out to 200-300 yards ;) That is really fun. Pick up some of those plastic army men and only shoot at the one color. I find that at the 200 yard mark, it can be fairly hard to hit them, espically with the wind.

That and the .22lr is a great round to get your kids into shooting with. Don't want something to big where they are scared of it, or that is to loud for them.

Can you tell I love .22's
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That is a great price for a working 40X!

Did you get to shoot it and what not? They are great rifles and a blast to shoot.
You can actually get them to fit into a tanaka M700 stock ;)

I would go with a scope, unless you plan on shooting competitions with it. Scope it and get everything you can out of it.

Get some pics up of the rifle man! And if you ever decide to sell her I call first dibs!

Heck when I re-enlist here in a few days I may have to pick up another rifle.... thinking I need and annie now

And man look at that weather! Nice, sunny, WARM ...... I will trade ya man
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