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Real Steel Which Gun Thread...

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Seriously, I would like to look into getting a real sniper rifle, and maybe even try my hand at competing at local gun clubs. What would be a good consistant sniper rifle?

Prices get pretty scary when I search around for various platforms, so if you knew of any places I could start researching, that would be great... real steel is a whole new world, I hate being a noobie again.

Here is my favorite forum to frequent:

Many a nice thread on this forum... I lurk only.
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Since I do not yet posess my 40X, I asked that the seller send me some pics to fawn over in the interim...

The rifle stock is a little rougher than I remember it...

The blueing has a few worn spots, but the 40X still charms...

I talked to a gun smith today, and asked that he check the rifle over real good to make sure it is still within spec... can never be too careful.

Now I just need to sell some more of my airsoft stuff to finish paying for it. Only selling airsoft stuff I do not use...anyone want a brand new KJW M4?
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Just a small update; I just picked up a decent Mosin Negant from a local gun shop, so I am stoked... don't know what happened, I woke up yesterday with the rifle on my mind, having never given it a second thought, but all of the sudden I had to have one...

Anyone have any pointers on how best to remove cosmoline from a rifle?
I disassembled the Mosin Nagant and let everything sit in the hot sun yesterday... the cosmoline drained out all of the ground. Cleaned right up with Simple Green after that.

I also shot the rifle yesterday (video to be added to my youtube channel tonight), it has a very nice feel to it. This coming from a guy who has never shot high power rifles before the Mosin Nagant.
THREAD REVIVAL!!!!!! (choire sings in background). Well I have an issue. I want to get my first rifle, and I am confused on what I want. I am a total gun nut and have restored my dads old JC Higgins model 29, so I mostly know what I'm doing gun wise. So here is the issue: I dont know what I want. I have a budget of $350.I want something for all around plinking, messing with, and maybe hunting. My options that I have come up with so far:
-A boltie in .308
-A Mosin M91/30 plus compensator
-A H&R Topper single shot 12 gauge plus chanber inserts for .410 and 20 gauge
- Nothing in .223 or 9mm, hate both calibers, dont ask why unless you want a 20 hour long post
-Almost anything in .308 (love that cartridge)
-No obscure calibers (6.5 carcano, 8mm mauser, ect)
So any suggestions?
I am getting my second Mauser on Monday, a bolt action M48 in unissued condition. It shoots the readily available "obscure" 8mm round. The rifle is made in Yugoslavia, and costs about $275

The first Mauser I picked ended up being a turd... but that is what I get for not asking enough questions:

It is a mix master of parts, and was pitted out pretty bad. I have worked on the bore quite a bit, but it is quite nasty.

My Mosin Nagant rifle is quite sweet. It is all number matching, and now sports a refinished stock...

Good luck hunting... and be safe!
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That Mosin looks really nice Dragon. When you purchased it did you look at the serial number. Because you can get Sniper grade rifles which are worth $600 a pop for the price of $100. My dad's friend purchased 3 Mosin nagants that were all sniper grade rifles for the price of around $350.

Also, are you shooting surplus ammo or what? I heard that surplus is the most accurate with those rifles.

Really nice man.
I'm shooting the surplus from the spam can...

Thie rifle is not an ex sniper, I wish it was a real sniper... I can get a real Mosin Nagant sniper with the PU (repro) scope for about $800
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What I meant bby obscure was that the rounds were relatively expensive for me. I've been looking at mausers, but would only be really intrested if there was a cheap way to convert it to .308. I also saw a .45acp mauser kit and love the way it looks, anybody have anything so say about it?
fuzzywolly said:
Dragon, hot...
Thanks Fuzzy, it turned out better than I thought it would, seeing as the Russians used pretty bad wood on many of the Mosin Nagants... maybe bad wood is a little harsh as the Mosin Nagant tends to survive for many years... I'll say they could have used better wood if they were not in such a pinch fighting the Nazis!
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